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Author Topic:  Ship crossings etc
Joanie Hull
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posted 10/15/2015 10:16:05 AM    Click here to view the profile for Joanie Hull  Click here to email Joanie Hull  edit/delete post  Reply w/Quote
Hi again, we were also trying to figure out how he returned to the US. Any insight as to how to find more information? He left NY on the SS Queen Elizabeth on March 25th & arrived in Scotland April 1st, 1945. (This ship isn t listed in the webpage for ship crossings.He said he ate well because he had KP in the officer's kitchen & slept in the swimming pool....about 23000 people, some WAAC on board.) He was in a car accident in April 1946 while on leave and ended up in a hospital near Germund on his way to Stuttgard. He was hitchhiking. he mentioned once or twice that he had amnesia & woke up playing ping pong. We don t have his dog tags and are wondering if they were lost while he had amnesia. Anyway we could get his medical records while overseas to see if there is more info about his amnesia?

The records say he left Europe May 5th, 1946 & arrived in the US on May 13, 1946 but we don t know where he left from or where he arrived in the US.

He wrote that his favorite CO was 1st LT Crouse (HQ Co 2nd Bn 67th Armd Regt 2nd Armd ) "He lived & did everything with us enlisted men. Was with us more than he was with the other officers. Played ping pong with him a lot and beat him a little over 1/2 the time." Any idea on how to find out more about him?

Thank u, Joanie


posted 10/16/2015 1:32:47 AM  Reply w/Quote
You should try to contact the 2nd Armored Division Association. They have a Facebook page.

harry dhans
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May 5, 1946 to qUEEN mARY
May 8, 1946 Southampton to
4 days, 2 hours,
0 minutes
WW #65W
2495(P), 957(C)
May 9, 1946 to
May 10, 1946 Halifax to
New York
1 days, 0 hours,
22 minutes
WW #65W


posted 11/10/2016 10:10:27 AM  Reply w/Quote
I'm so sorry that it has taken me so long to look back at this. I had major brain surgery a year ago September so it s taken me some time to get back into the swing of things. Praise God all is well, but I would love to get back into finding out more about my father.

Is this how my father traveled back to the US? My Mom doesn't remember (even though her memory is incredibly) and my dad didn't speak of it very often, but my Mom has been wondering for some time.

Do you have any other ideas as to how I can find out more about my father and those he served with?


posted 11/10/2016 11:44:02 AM  Reply w/Quote
Hi again, Thanks for the information about my father's trip back to the US from Europe.

I would like also to ask if you could help also with the ship that dad went on to Europe.

He said that he left on March 23, 1945 from New Jersey from Port Elizabeth on the SS Queen Elizabeth and landed in Scotland (from the Enlisted Record and Report of Separation it left March 25, 1945 and arrived April 1, 1945). On the webpage for troop ship crossings it doesn't show The SS Queen Elizabeth going during this time period.http://www.ww2troopships.com/crossings/1945.htm

He said that his replacement troop slept in the 2nd swimming pool - about 20,000 on the boat.

THANKS for your help!
God bless you,
Joanie Hull