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12th Armored Division >> General Discussion >> Any info on my grandfather, ANTHONY J. MARTURANO
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Author Topic:  Any info on my grandfather, ANTHONY J. MARTURANO

posted 9/23/2018 10:26:56 PM  Reply w/Quote
My grandfather past away in 1988. Being named after him, is an honor! He rarely spoke of the war. I would get bits and pieces from my grandmother and my mom. A few years after his death, my mom gave me the book "story of the helltracks". Which I regret I never read till this present day. His name is in it under "c battery". My son, also named after my grandfather, is a history buff.
So any info or pictures would be so appreciated.
I am going to try and plan a trip to Texas, so we can visit the Museum.
Thank you for taking time to read this.

Anthony G.


posted 9/26/2018 1:58:46 PM  Reply w/Quote
Hello Anthony, There is a copy of the Helltracks book on this website. Go to
572nd and the Helltracks book. Go to the
chapter on the bridge at Dillingen. This was a high point in the history of the battalion and is featured near the beginning of the book.
The bridge over the Danube was captured intact and the Helltracks were successful in staving off air attacks and also attacks from the river. They shot down a bunch of planes during those crucial days just after April 23rd, and this allowed several divisions to cross the Danube without waiting for pontoon bridges to be constructed. There is more to say but it will take some research.

Mike Woldenberg