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Reunion Info

68th National Reunion

Wednesday-Sunday July 30 - Aug 3, 2014

Atlanta, Georgia

stay tuned for more details...

Museum Happenings

Thursday June 12, 2014... Downtown Abilene was the recipient of a Hail Storm, softball sized hail fell for several minutes. Artwalk was in full swing when the weather took a turn for the worse. Hundreds of cars were damaged most being totaled. The museum lost a front window, the singage on the front of the building and some A/C units were damaged. We are waiting on a roofing company to appriase the roof before we know exactly how much damage it recieved. There is a new leak on the 2nd floor we know that. The museum has insurance but we will need assistance with the deductable. The good news is that the staff is uninjuried and the museum is open for business. 

There is a D-Day exhibit currently up in the front lobby. Curator William Lenches has set up examples of paratrooper gear and Normandy beach assualt gear.  This display will be up through June.

The Hall of Honor is getting an update. The 48 star flag has been conserved and more pictures are going up. There is now a list of the 12th men who are still MIA along with more information on the National Cemeteries located overseas. 

The museum welcomes new staff member Shelley Doremus who has replaced Emma at the front desk. 

First day of Summer just around the corner, safe travels!!

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